burning desire to be a millionare

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Biz Trends – Cloud Computing Environment

Heard so many times about the cloud computing, its business, and its potential. In the past, we need to have all H/W & S/W for the business; IT infrastructure, application development, and so on. But now new generation of computing environment is coming, maybe already around us. No H/W or S/W for the business IT platform, but we can just download or rent from vendors who already launched the application or platform in the cloud, even it is very cheap. No huge initial investment for purchasing, developing the application.

Now I wonder why there is no investment related, or financing relevant application in the cloud. Is it because of regulation or compliance issue? Or there is no one who want to use those applications? At this moment, I don’t have a clear idea or answer on this, but I will keep continuing thinking over and over again. There might be a good chance for new business opportunity.

For more detail, you may check this eBook.

Startup@Cloud: 33 tips for running your company using cloud-based software

eBook Review – The Millionaire Fastlane

Millionaire are forged by processes, but by events
  • Process makes millionaire, and the events you see and hear are the results of that process
  • The process is the struggle and the backstory
  • All events of wealth are preceded by the process, a backstory of trial, risk, hard work, and sacrifice
  • Road Trip Formula
    • Your Roadmap;- outline why, where, how, and what
    • Your Vehicle;- is YOU, a complicated system like a car composed of oil, gas, an engine, a steering wheel, a windshield, horsepower, and an accelerator-all needing frequent tuning and maintenance to ensure peak efficiency during the road trip
    • Your Road;- Internet marketer
    • Your Speed;- Speed is execution and your ability to go from idea to implementation
  • The Road Trips Is Paved by Toll Roads

Compass to Wealth

  • if you don’t know where you are going, how will you know if you get there?
  • Your current financial situation is a product of your existing financial roadmap, whether chosen or not. Your roadmap guides your actions, and the consequence of those actions have created your financial life
  • if you want to change your life, change your choice
  • to change your choice, you need to change your belief system
  • your belief system is defined by your roadmap
  • If you are unhappy in your financial situation, you can change your universe by switching roadmaps

What is Wealth?

  • Family (relationships)
  • Fitness (health)
  • Freedom (choice)
Happiness stems from good health, freedom, and strong interpersonal relationships, not necessarily money
  • An instant gratification is the bait and lifestyle servitude is the hook
  • When you consistently act and bombard the world with your effort, interacting with the waves of others, stuffs happens
  • To realize luck, engage in processes where more probability exists; unfortunately Sidewalkers assigned luck to events of faith

Disembarking the Sidewalk

  • Use Logic
  • First responsibility, then accountability;- when you are accountable to your choices, you alter your behavior in the future and take the driver’s seat of your life
The ultimate insanity is to sell your soul from Monday through Friday for the paychecks of Saturday and Sunday
By working faithfully 8 hours a day, you may get to be the boss and work 12 hours a day ~ Robert Frost
Insightful…make me think about the situation where I am living now…
To attract large sum of money, you need two things;- 1) control and 2) leverage
How to exit the Slowlane?
  • Case 1] Fame;- fame and notoriety increase an intrinsic value. Suddenly intrinsic value leverage because of demands
  • Case 2] Overworked into Corporate Management; guess what is it? Stock option?
“Get Rich Quick” vs “Get Rich Easy”

Key Concept: Wealth = Profit + Asset Value
                                   = (Unit Sold x Unit Profit) + (Net Asset x Industry multiplier)
    Unit Sold – Marketing
    Unit Profit – Management
    Asset – (with sustainable profits) Business, Brands, Cash Flows, Notes, Intellectual property, licenses, inventions, patents, real estates
    Liquidation Events
  • What is the Fastlane?
    • Controllable Unlimited Leverage
    • Business
    • Lifestyle;- a commitment of blended beliefs, processes, and actions
    • Rapid Wealth Creation
  • Reshape life’s focus on producing, not consuming
  • Producers, entrepreneurs, innovators, visionaries, and creators

Five Fastlane Business (sample);-

  1. Rental System
  2. Computer/Software System
  3. Content System
  4. Distribution System
  5. Human Resource System
Changing your life start with changing your choice !!!
Law of Effection: to make millions you must impact millions
  1. The commandment of Need
    • People care about what your business can do for them. Will it solve their problem? Make their life easier? Save them money? Make them feel something?
    • Give first, take second
    • NOT “Do what you love”, BUT with “Passion”
  2. The commandment of Entry
    • Entrance barrier – high vs low
    • Saturation cause noise
    • Is getting into business an event or a process? just 2 clicks vs End-to-End processing
    • Easy access roads carry more traffic
  3. The commandment of Control
    • Control organization, products, pricing, revenue model, operational choices
    • Drivers create MLM companies; they don’t join them
    • Drivers sell franchises; they don’t buy them
    • Drivers sell stocks; they don’t buy them
    • Drivers offer employment; they don’t get employed
    • Drivers accept rents and royalties; they don’t pay rents and royalties
    • Drivers sell licenses; they don’t buy them
    • Drivers sell IPO shares; they don’t buy them
  4. The commandment of Scale
    • Scale & Magnitude
  5. The commandment of Time
    • Can this business be automated and systematized to operate while I’m absent?
    • Are my margins thick enough to hire human resource seedlings?
    • Can my operation benefits from the introduction of a money tree seedling?
    • How can I get this business to operate exclusive of my time?
Internet, Innovation, Intentional Iteration
  • Innovation is a dual challenged process: manufacture and distribution
Opportunity is a solution to an inconvenience, is simplification, is a feeling, is comfort, is better service, is fixing pain, and is putting weak companies out of business
Someone is doing it!
  • So what. Do it better. can you fill the need better, offer greater value, or be a better marketer?
  • Poorly met needs are open roads when they often appear closed

eBook – The Six Figure 2nd Income

The Six-Figure Second Income: How To Start and Grow A Successful Online Business Without Quitting Your Day Job

Threats to online success;-
  1. You are easily influenced by people less successful than you want to be
  2. You think you can sit on the couch and money will spew out of the TV
  3. You think that the only good money is hard-earned money
  4. You insist upon staying in your comfort zone at all times
  5. You think “My situation is different”
  6. You’re more of an idea pack rat than a beaver

Conventional approaches so very difficult to pull off;-

  • I must have a fortress to protect my idea from knockoff artists
  • I must reach millions of people
  • I want to be famous
  • I want to be as rich King Midas from this first invention of mine
  • I need to invent something revolutionary
  • Inventories are things that are manufactured in factories

=> Let’s start small, nimble, and cheap, and, after you have a pile of money in front of you, only then think about building that giant plant with your name over the door.

  • YOUR FIRST PRODUCT; can be information product
  • Maybe it would take you a week to write your first 10-page, using bits and piece of time