eBook Review – The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur

Highly Informative, Insightful, and Practical!!!
The company is first, foremost, and exclusively ALL ABOUT ME!!
What if building your business made you feel emotionally satisfied, totally happy? What if your business made a difference? What if you woke up morning excited to work? What if people loved your company? What if the world heralded what you did and happily consumed what you had to offer?
It is about maximizing life, bettering your life and the lives of others….
What’s impossible today?Seek out people saying something is impossible; they are often venting a frustration. TPEs know that behind every frustration is a new product or service, and behind every impossibility there is a goldmine of business opportunities. Is it impossible to get good food at our college? Is it impossible to get through security at the airport? Make whatever is impossible, today your business. Make it possible.
Having your own company that mirrors your personal value system is just like having a soul mate. I couldn’t imagine anything better.
When it comes to action there is only one lesson. Start NOW. There really isn’t much else to say. Start NOW! Start NOW! Start NOW!
Though the execution may be a challenge, the answer is simple. In short, you need to act internally as if you have already have achieved what you want, AND you must act outwardly the way you would want to be treated once you arrive at your destination.
                Belief + Focus = Apparent Action
It is critical that your business MAKES CASH, not that it start with it. Millions of wannabe entrepreneurs never make it off the ground because they are waiting until they have enough money. Waiting and waiting. Enough money never comes. Inevitably their dreams are suppressed and ultimately fizzled out.
Making Plan & Action!!!
The Prosperity Plan is also your statement to the world about your beliefs and how you plan to stay true to them.  The people who are drawn to your plan are the clients, colleagues, investors, and vendors with which you will be able to build great things.
  • Life Mission
  • Destiny
  • Area of Innovation – Quality, Price, or Convenience
  • Immutable Laws
  • Community
By Tacking with;-
The Quarterly Plan
The Daily Metrics
What I am stand for? What standards am I uphold in my personal life? What am I expect from me and others in the life? Core value can be;-
  • Engaged
  • Energetic
  • Freedom
And Now….A Big WHY?? WHY?? WHY??
Why are you an entrepreneur? Why did you choose your specific industry?Why? Why? Why? Keep asking you get to the heart of the matter.

An entrepreneur launches a business that makes someone else FEEL BETTER!! To launch and maintain a successful business, you need to always make your clients feel better than your competitors do. Always.

Finding an opportunity;-
Narrow Down = Increased ability to be the BEST, And
Narrow Down = Reduced competition, But
Narrow Down = Smaller customer base, Plus
Narrow Down = Lower potential revenue, And Also
Narrow Down = Slower growth

Biz Trends – Cloud Computing Environment

Heard so many times about the cloud computing, its business, and its potential. In the past, we need to have all H/W & S/W for the business; IT infrastructure, application development, and so on. But now new generation of computing environment is coming, maybe already around us. No H/W or S/W for the business IT platform, but we can just download or rent from vendors who already launched the application or platform in the cloud, even it is very cheap. No huge initial investment for purchasing, developing the application.

Now I wonder why there is no investment related, or financing relevant application in the cloud. Is it because of regulation or compliance issue? Or there is no one who want to use those applications? At this moment, I don’t have a clear idea or answer on this, but I will keep continuing thinking over and over again. There might be a good chance for new business opportunity.

For more detail, you may check this eBook.

Startup@Cloud: 33 tips for running your company using cloud-based software

eBook – The Six Figure 2nd Income

The Six-Figure Second Income: How To Start and Grow A Successful Online Business Without Quitting Your Day Job

Threats to online success;-
  1. You are easily influenced by people less successful than you want to be
  2. You think you can sit on the couch and money will spew out of the TV
  3. You think that the only good money is hard-earned money
  4. You insist upon staying in your comfort zone at all times
  5. You think “My situation is different”
  6. You’re more of an idea pack rat than a beaver

Conventional approaches so very difficult to pull off;-

  • I must have a fortress to protect my idea from knockoff artists
  • I must reach millions of people
  • I want to be famous
  • I want to be as rich King Midas from this first invention of mine
  • I need to invent something revolutionary
  • Inventories are things that are manufactured in factories

=> Let’s start small, nimble, and cheap, and, after you have a pile of money in front of you, only then think about building that giant plant with your name over the door.

  • YOUR FIRST PRODUCT; can be information product
  • Maybe it would take you a week to write your first 10-page, using bits and piece of time