Biz Trends – Cloud Computing Environment

Heard so many times about the cloud computing, its business, and its potential. In the past, we need to have all H/W & S/W for the business; IT infrastructure, application development, and so on. But now new generation of computing environment is coming, maybe already around us. No H/W or S/W for the business IT platform, but we can just download or rent from vendors who already launched the application or platform in the cloud, even it is very cheap. No huge initial investment for purchasing, developing the application.

Now I wonder why there is no investment related, or financing relevant application in the cloud. Is it because of regulation or compliance issue? Or there is no one who want to use those applications? At this moment, I don’t have a clear idea or answer on this, but I will keep continuing thinking over and over again. There might be a good chance for new business opportunity.

For more detail, you may check this eBook.

Startup@Cloud: 33 tips for running your company using cloud-based software


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